Su “Ut queant laxis”. Il paradigma pedagogico e l’enigma dell’inno saffico per san Giovanni

Giampaolo Mele


Guido of Arezzo’s letter to the monk Michele, universally known as Epistola ad Michaelem (and makes use of the Sapphic hymn Ut queant laxis, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, for didactic purposes) left a deep mark on the history of music, paving the way for an entirely new approach in Western music pedagogy, which combines orality and literacy. The essay contains a short ‘pedagogic tale’ and provides various didactic materials, which are integrated within the historical and musicological discussion (also via references to web pages, in order to provide a direct connection to the texts, music and codices).

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Orality and literacy; Guido of Arezzo; Medieval music didactics

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2039-9715/6585

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