L’Allegro con brio del Concerto op. 37 di Beethoven: un modello di conversazione

Anna Scalfaro


This teaching application focuses on Ludwig van Beethoven’s third Piano and orchestra concerto op. 37 in C minor (1803), in particular on the first movement, the Allegro con brio. The goal is to help students understand the peculiar interaction that unfolds between the soloist and the orchestra, and hence the sonata form, which is condensed especially, albeit not exclusively, in the solo sections. The listening didactics activities are organized in stages, and mostly rely on two methodological principles: segmentation-selection (specific passages are selected to explain the mechanisms and overall ‘meaning’ of the piece) and verbalization (fine-tuning of the musical vocabulary and “reasoned” use of adjectives that qualify the piece).

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Beethoven; Piano Concerto; Didactics of listening

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.2039-9715/6586

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