La musica nella scuola: una prospettiva pedagogica globale


  • Maria Teresa Moscato Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo, Università di Bologna


Parole chiave:

musica, scuola, formazione, pedagogia musicale, insegnanti


The paper discusses the use of music in education in a general pedagogical perspective. The Author begins with a very famous quotation from Plato’s Protagora about the effect of music on the harmonious development of young children’s attitudes and habits, and on shaping their minds. In the Author’s opinion, the loss of consideration of music teaching in school is nowadays due to its representation (in both parents’, teachers’ and pupils’ minds) as “a play”, or as a specific profession, ignoring its essential function of intellectual and emotional balance; an achievement that young people could obtain through musical education. Besides, music is also a part of our cultural heritage that creates and consolidates social bonds. Lastly the paper deals with some methodological aspects and problems that teachers face in concrete didactic school setting.




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Moscato, M. T. (2012). La musica nella scuola: una prospettiva pedagogica globale. Musica Docta, 2(1), 69–77.