Diffondere la curiosità per l’arte

Elena Petrušanskaja


The paper, which was the opening speech to the conference Musicians and Musicologists as Teachers: How to Construct Musical Comprehension for Students, raises questions of central importance about the purpose of music teaching and the more general issues of cultural education: what is most important today for teaching? What do we mean by ‘transmission of knowledge’? Are we referring to the experience of music making? A specific position in relation to the values of culture, science and moral? Or a rational system of scientific knowledge based on past experience? In an age in which all sorts of information and materials can be easily retrieved online, the main goal of educational action becomes the teaching of appropriate methods for working on data, and the awakening of a sense of curiosity about art. The paper provides an updated map of music education institutions in Russia, dwelling on the specific features of the current education system in that country.

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educazione musicale; Russia

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